Hi, I’m Brittany! I’m currently a college student at ***** (I’ll reveal my location in time), but it’s in the Midwest. I’m currently studying psychology and journalism as my majors, and if I get more financial support I want to explore either a photography or interior design minor. One day, I would also like to get a cosmetology degree, just because I’m so beauty obsessed. 🙂

Something that takes top priority in my life is my faith. I’m a Christian, so before you get your hopes up there will be no over the top salacious posts about wild college nites. lol I’m not perfect, but I just try to be the best me I can be. With that, I do dress on the more modest side, (now mind you I didn’t say prude), but I do love my sky high heels and pencil skirts!

As I said before I love all thing beauty, not in a vain way, it’s just one of the easiest ways to be expressive and creative. I also love fashion, I’m not really a label queen (never could afford that habit), but I am pretty knowledgeable to be a “have-not”. I’m always trying new things and expanding my style, but I do so on the cheap and that’s just fine with me. Another thing I’m into is interior design. Ever since I was in grade school and started playing the Sims I’ve enjoyed decorating rooms, making floor plans for my dream walk-in closet, and thumbing through decorating mags for inspiration.

Lastly, I’m a television addict. I don’t discriminate. I watch everything from 60 Minutes to Jerseylicous. I’ve never added up how much time I’ve spent watching TV in a week, but I’m sure I would feel a considerable amount of shame afterwards. (I’m even watching the news while I type this.) That being said, expect some reaction posts about emotional season finales and drama-tastic season premieres. lol

Ok, I’m rambling too much, but this is an about me section, so you entered at your own risk. 😉

~ Ta Ta



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