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Birthday Hauling Pt 1

17 Jun

So I’m doing a little traveling for my birthday next weekend, so I didn’t go crazy this week with the spending. But here are a few things I picked up.

This lovely striped maxi dress is from Rainbow ($17). It’s so light and airy(and a lil see through too :-/ ) it’s still really long even wearing platforms, so I’ll probably knot it at the bottom (an put on a slip) when I wear it.

Next up are some items from Target.

Like I said, I’ll be traveling soon (on a plane!) so I need a few things, and of course I can’t resist the Target dollar section (and Hello Kitty). BTW: that snack container is really nice because it’s not a cheap sticker decal that falls off in the dishwater. Just saying. . .

This beautiful watch is by Xhilaration. It was regularly $13, but I got it on a repackage special for $9.12, so yay savings! This style of watch is very in right now, so you may wanna rush out and pick up your own!

Now, on to DSW. . .

I got these because I still needed a summer wedge that would go with a lot of my clothes. They’re like a pewter color so the should be very versatile, and they were on clearance for like $36, but I had a coupon, so they ended up only $26!
I also sighted this gorgeous shoe, but it wasn’t a necessity for right now, so I held off.

Aren’t these beautiful!! I love Steve Madden! I even saw a pair of CL Daffodil knock-off’s by Steve Madden there too!

Well that’s all for now, there will be much more plunder when I come back from my vacation next weekend!


My Birthday Wishlist *Splurge Edition*

17 Jun

Well today I am 18 years old. I can now vote, get a gun (legally), and buy lottery tickets (Cha- Ching!). I don’t know if it feels like a major change yet, but lately I’ve been preparing myself to make my own changes for 18. But that’s gonna take a lot of work, so to take a break from my big transformation I wanted to make a wishlist because I don’t know what I feasibly want for my birthday, but I have a lot of “dream on” items.

So here’s the list:


(Photo Credit)

1. A pair of Christian Louboutin Bianca 140mm platforms in Jade, well I’ll take any color, but this jade/turquoise is just to die for!


(Photo Credit)

2. A Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in either the Damier Ebene or Azur. The LV Speedy is just the perfect staple hand bag and those colors are so versatile that I’m guaranteed to get my money’s worth out of it.


(Photo Credit)

3. A Tiffany & Co. 18kt Gold Lock Pendant. I don’t own 18kt gold anything, so I’d love to own a piece from one of the most famous jewelry stores around.

*I’d also settle for a lovely silver key pendant!

(Photo Credit)

4. The lovely iPad 2 in white, and make no mistake it’s gotta be white! This gift appeals to my inner geek. I waited a long time for the white iPhone 4, and it didn’t disappoint, so I know the white iPad 2 will be worth it as well!

*A nice Burberry case to go with it would be nice too!

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5. Bradley Cooper. Ok ok, that’s probably not gonna happen(maybe), but hey a girl can dream right? Now that it’s no longer illegal I’d settle for a tender embrace. 😉


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6. An Emillio Pucci Silk Scarf. I’ve coveted one of these for a long time. The prints and the colors are just so lovely, I’ve yet to find a cheaper source of beautiful printed scarves, so it looks like I’m stuck lusting after the gold standard.


(Photo Credit)

7. An 18″ strand of pearls (9-10mm). Well, my birthday is in June so it makes sense to a necklace in my REAL birthstone (not that ol’ Alexandrite mess). And every classy lady should own a strand of pearls shouldn’t they?


(Photo Credit)

8. A total room re-do by IKEA. I’m finally going to get my brother’s old room (yeah took long enough right), so since I’ll be at home at least one more year I’d love to let my decorator juices flowing and turn it into a (somewhat) mature place for me to unwind.


(Photo Credit)

9. A kitten. I love cats, but my mom isn’t a fan of the maintenance, so until I get my own pet-friendly place I must go without. 😦


(My Own Pic)

10. A 1957 Ford Thunderbird in Willow Green. I’ve been soooo in love with this beauty of car. I love classic cars, and this one has had my heart since I was a little girl walking with my dad around car shows.

Well that’s my top ten splurges. If anyone’s willing to grant any of those wishes please don’t hesitate, it’s welcomed! Now, I’m going to kick back and eat some cake.




13 Jun

Hello I’m Britt and welcome to my blog! I’m new to Word Press, but not blogging. I have about 5 abandoned blogs in cyberspace, so I’m taking another stab at it. Lol

This blog will feature many different things, but my main focus will be fashion and beauty because that’s what I’m really interested in right now. I also love TV so I’ll probably post a lot about that too.

I hope you guys stay tuned and spread the word about collegecutie22!

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